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Challenge / Goal

As nearly all meters still are and will be non-smart meters, at least in the short term, it is quite resource-consuming to read each of them manually at point. In addition, the documentation is costly as well as the handling of the meter readings for futher processing. All in all the given process is error-prone, as it requires manual handling and requires computer skills. The new solution had to be more convenient for users by intuitive user experience, especially for those with less IT competency to overcome a potential "new digital stuff aversion".


The pixometer smartphone metering approach adapted to the KEM solution now enables automated meter readings just by employing off-the-shelf mobile devices (smartphone, tablet). The new app "Scan2KM" enhances the KEM solution as a mobile tool for automated meter readings via the device cameras. Special OCR recognition algorithms as part of the Scan2KEM app automatically recognise and digitalise consumption data displayed on a meter counter (analogue & LCD). In addition, each reading is documented as a sharp reference photo. Both pieces of data (value and photo) are directly forwarded into the respective KEM account. So this smart technical enhancement improves an established software by increasing usability as well as reliability of the values. Handling costs decrease not only because there are no longer confusing computer elements, but especially as the need for corrections becomes obsolete.

Citizen participation

In the first step citizens were not involved, but municipal employees were, who are in charge of collecting and reporting meter readings regularly.


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Time period

Planning time: Less than 6 months

Implementation time: Less than 6 months


pixolus GmbH

Service providers

pixolus GmbH; Netze BW GmbH

End users

Municipal Energy Managers

    Main benefits

  • Improving energy usage efficiency

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