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Challenge / Goal

The city centre of Reutlingen has several underground public bins which are emptied regularly by the city services via a garbage truck driving through the inner city streets. The underground bins have shaft openings which are used for waste disposal by public. At several occasions, the shaft is clogged when the bin actually is not yet full.

The aim of the use case was to optimize the waste collection while ensuring that the historic centre is clean. 


An intelligent waste management and collection system was implemented to solve the challenge. Sensors were installed on the top of the waste disposal shafts and in the waste bins. The sensors send information via SIM card to the city services on the status of the bin, including whether it is full or whether there is clogging of garbage in the shaft. The sensors identify situations like when the bin is full, shaft is blocked but bin is not full and so on and notifies the city services. Based on the information received, which can be visualized on a dashboard, the city services plan the garbage collection rotes. This optimizes the need for the collection trucks to drive through city centre.



identify the full status of the bin

visualize information on a dashboard

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Time period

Planning time: 1 to 2 years

Implementation time: 6 months to 1 year

    Main benefits

  • Reducing operation costs

  • Improving personnel efficiency

  • Promoting sustainable disposal of waste

  • Improving life quality

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