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Challenge / Goal

Slovakia is facing a major problem with a shortage of public transport drivers (the country is planning to issue visas to drivers from third countries this year - This is because many of the regions do not have enough drivers (especially from a long-term standpoint) to cover all trips and routes for given days (which they are required to cover by the law). 

Moreover, the public transport timetables and schedules implemented in many cities are often not efficient. Many transport engineers and planners construct the timetables and schedules “by hand”, which often results in inefficient solutions. This means that the vast majority of cities and regions in Slovakia use more drivers, vehicles, etc. than they necessarily need to in order to cover the public transport needs and requirements. 

This inefficiency also results in public transport which is less friendly for both drivers and passengers.   


Even though iTranSys is currently a small team of 7 people, some of its team members have worked in public transport innovation and technologies for more than 20 years. For example, the father of our founder (who serves as our strategic advisor) has worked in the field for more than 40 years. Our CTO has more 20 years of experience in the field, and our Founder & CEO has over 10 years of experience in public transport optimisation. Moreover, our team members have also worked on AI/ML research in public transport with the University of Zilina.

That's why iTranSys has decided to develop a public transport optimisation tool powered by AI. The iTranSys software solution is helping public transport providers and authorities (both state-owned and private) to:

  1. Adjust timetables in minutes to achieve cost-saving and efficient transport 
  2. Boost planning and scheduling with new algorithms
  3. Avoid delays and overcrowded vehicles to improve driver and passenger satisfaction 
  4. Effectively achieve ESG goals

In less than one year (2022-2023), iTranSys has achieved almost 80% market share in its home country of Slovakia and is also now growing in the Czech Republic, signing contracts recently contracts with two of the biggest public transport providers in the world, Transdev and Arriva.

The iTransSys tool is helping its current users in locations including Povazska Bystrica to achieve vehicle savings up to 10%; driver savings up to 15%; 3% decrease in transits; lower costs of planning and admin teams; full regulatory and legal alignment in different countries; taking work and accidents on the road into account; operative support; evaluation of new requirements for transport; delay minimization; and idle time minimisation.

Because public transport is a large field, even small percentage resource savings often lead to hundreds of thousands, or millions of Euros, saved every year.

Povazska Bystrica in Northwestern Slovakia is one of the cities that has achieved great results with the iTranSys tool (about half of the iTranSys team also comes from this city). The Managing Director of the public transport authority in the city agreed to see the team's presentation, and in around two hours, was able to see their own data how they could improve their routes and schedules. In less than two weeks, iTranSys models and calculations were implemented in the city, and Povazska Bystrica became a great long-term partner and customer.


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Time period

Planning time: Less than 6 months

Implementation time: Less than 6 months


iTranSys, DPMPB (Dopravny podnik mesta Povazska Bystrica)

Service providers


End users

Public Transport Operators, Public Transport Authorities, Drivers, Traffic Planners and Traffic Engineers

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