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Challenge / Goal

In Ruse, there is currently no option for people to use public transport to or from the district of Druzhba after 9pm. Most people either opt for using their own cars or rely on taxi services. For many people, taxis are not a feasible option - leaving them feeling isolated and discriminated against.

The main aim behind this measure is to turn public transport into the preferred mode of choice for those living in the peripheral districts, such as Druzhba. In the mid and short terms, the measure is expected to impact on the use of the service during the night - an option which was not possible prior to CIVITAS ECCENTRIC.


The measure’s implementation consists of the creation of the new ‘Good Night’ bus line and the promotion of the new service. The main output is the creation of a new night line bus service, which fulfills people’s need for safe public transport.

Activities carried out so far, mostly during the research and planning phase, include the following:

  • Planning and research activities concerning the conditions and procedures for establishing a ‘Good Night’ line to service people traveling to and from Druzhba to the city centre
  • Research on the options available for purchasing or leasing vehicles to operate the night line. This led to the decision of contracting the service to the locally-based public transport operator who will use their own vehicles (trolleybuses)
  • Meetings with experts in the field
  • Information about the measure and its promotion to the general public is being undertaken via the "Information, Training and Awareness Raising" measure Ruse is implementing in parallel to this one. The events have been held as follows: for professionals in transport; for Druzhba residents; and for locally-based NGOs.

The first steps for the integration of the new night service have been taken, with the public procurement for the development of the new Municipal Transport Scheme completed. When the new transport network will be developed and approved (by mid-2019) the ‘Good Night’ line will be launched and begin operations.

In terms of the nightline service, the current plan is for it to run for three to four hours, on an hourly basis. The definitive route of the service will follow once several routes are piloted during the night. The service is scheduled to begin operations in Spring 2019.

The introduction of the new night line of PT for the Druzhba district will complement the services of the new Park & Ride facility, currently being set up in Druzhba as part of CIVITAS ECCENTRIC.



provide public transport service during the nights

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Time period

Implementation time: 1 to 2 years


Municipality of Ruse; CIVITAS ECCENTRIC

End users

All Citizens

    Main benefits

  • Improving public transport accessibility

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