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Challenge / Goal

The City aims to reduce the CO2 emissions as part of its sustainability strategy. The aim was to optimize the transportation of routes and reduce fuel costs and save CO2 emissions.


A pilot project has been implemented, where 15 waste bins (also for animal waste bins) in the city were implemented with cameras which have inbuilt sensors on the lids of the bins. The sensors and camera monitor the level of waste in the bins which is then communicated to the APP (built by Bianco). The app optimizes the routes for the waste collection trucks so as to reduce the overall travel time and have the waste bins emptied only when they are close to being full. 

The technical services department receives this information via dashboard and finalize the route based on the driver routes and communicate this information with the drivers. 

Citizen participation

The citizens were informed via press conference at one of the site locations. Additionally, television, radio, newspapers, municipal events, and the city website were used as channels to inform the citizens. For e.g. At conferences like 'Zukunfts conference' the citizens were informed



monitor the level of waste

optimizes the routes for the waste collection

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Time period

Planning time: 6 months to 1 year

Implementation time: Less than 6 months

    Main benefits

  • Reducing use of fossils

  • Enhanced data collection

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