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Challenge / Goal

Raising droughts badly affects the trees in the Darmstadt city area. At times this year only the young trees could be watered to protect them from drying out. The city therefore called on residents in the summer to help with the watering.

As Mayor Jochen Partsch explains, “Darmstadt's city trees are threatened by the ever longer periods of heat and drought. Especially in times of increasing water scarcity, we have to further optimize the maintenance of our so important and valuable urban greenery with regard to irrigation. Urban trees live an average of sixty to seventy years. Whether a tree in Darmstadt grows that old depends not only on its species and age, but above all on its individual location. A solitary tree on the Rheinstraße has to be watered differently than a tree in the Herrngarten. In the best case, each tree is supplied with moisture individually. This will be possible in the future thanks to the new networked tree sensors.”


The solution was therefore to equip approximately 50 young trees with suction sensors that measure the water available to the plants in the soil. Data analysis of the information gathered from these sensors, will then be used to create a recommendation for the next watering cycle.

This has been implemented as part of a specialist application for digital exchange, between the parks department and the relevant municipal authorities, which are responsible for irrigation.


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Time period

Planning time: Less than 6 months

Implementation time: Less than 6 months


Digitalstadt Darmstadt

End users

Municipal offices, All citizens

    Main benefits

  • Support efficient water usage

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