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Challenge / Goal

2017 the City of Cairns was building the "Natural Play Playground". This playground should encourage children to interact with nature; to explore and learn about their surroundings. The Concept is implemented in a 100% natural state. So the Problem was to integrate technological infrastructure with as little impact as possible to the local environment as well as for flora and fauna of the area.


First of all, there was the decision to illuminate the paths of the playground when the night falls in. To do that in an energy efficient way, LED technology was chosen. But even with LED luminaires it is a waste of energy when the luminaires are shining even if nobody is there. Next to that it is an impact to the live of local animals and their environment. So the luminaires have been equiped with an sensor which is detecting people and is able to differentiate them from animals. With this technology the light is dimming down to a low level of light when nobody or just animals are there. If somebody appears in the range of the sensor, the luminaires are increasing the level of light smoothly to 100%. After a while of no further detection they go back down to the programmed low level. This ensures, that there is only light by the time it`s really needed. Next to the positive effects on energy consumption and environmental impact, this is a positive contribution against light pollution. After the lighting concept was finished, it was a fact that there will be poles to carry the luminaires and that there will be electrical power 24/7. So it was obvious to use them for more than just lighting. With the "Smart Ready Pole" concept, there was the chance to integrate further technologies to the poles and make them much more valuable for this project. Next to CCTV cameras and an emergency button, environmental sensors have been integrated to measure the local air quality. To take care of the needed communication of theses systems, a WiFi Gateway was integrated also, which is additionally able to provide Public WiFi as well. With the exception of the cameras, all technolgies have been integrated inside of the pole, which led to an unremarkable design and protects the technologies from weather and other environmental influences. To realize an Integration of all of this technologies on the system side and not to end up with many different single dashboards, a open urban IoT platform was implemented. The platform is harmonizing all of the different data and protocols, enables an overall view and allows to reuse and repurpose the gained data for further applications. This example is replicable to other areas of cities as well as for other functionalities (for example traffic detection, smart parking, ev-chargers).



visualization of data through open urban platform

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Time period

Planning time: Less than 6 months

Implementation time: Less than 6 months

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