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Challenge / Goal

Swedish legislation requires a sufficient level of parking is provided for all new housing developments. The standard says one parking place per apartment. This provision is expensive in terms of space and financial impact. In recent years, new buildings are required to provide an average of 0.57 parking places per apartment - on average 0.46 in the inner city and 0.65 in the surrounding areas. The Green Parking Index in Stockholm is designed to reduce the need for parking spaces by rewarding developers who offer alternative forms of transport to their residents.


The Green Parking Index starts with 0.3 – 0.6 parking places per apartment. The exact figure varies according to the building’s location and distance from the city centre, general services available and public transport in the area. Adjustments are made according to the size of the apartments (large apartments are given an additional 20 percent, small apartments a reduction of 30 percent) and the way space is allocated for visitors’ parking (if visitors’ parking is provided in open garages with other housing estates the usual additional 10 percent is no longer needed). Additional rebates of 10, 15 or 25 percent can be obtained depending on the range of mobility services provided.

 Mobility services can reduce required parking provision by 10 to 25 percent:

1) A 10 percent discount is given when the following is provided:

  • Information package.
  • Good quality bicycle parking which is easily accessible with improvements like automatic doors.
  • Access to car sharing in the area.

2) A 15 percent discount is given when the following is provided (in addition to the above items):

  • Bicycle sharing
  • Free access to public transport

3) A 25 percent discount is given when the following is provided (in addition to all the above items):

  • Service boxes (some with cooling) to be able to receive deliveries directly to the house.

Additionally, MoveAbout provided a pool with two electric cars.


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Time period

Implementation time: 1 to 2 years

    Main benefits

  • Reducing investment costs

  • Promoting sustainable behavior

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