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Challenge / Goal

In Denmark in 2018, it was found that almost 44% of the electricity load was covered by the fluctuating and thus partly unpredictable wind power generation. This substantial penetration of highly-variable wind power often leads to balancing problems. Many coastal areas of Denmark have high capacity for wind power but weak distribution grids, making summer houses a suitable candidate for congestion management services. This pilot set out to assess the extent to which the flexibility of summer houses with swimming pools can be exploited to provide ancillary services to the transmission and distribution grid levels. 


Many Danish summer houses are in areas with large installed wind power production capacity. By optimally heating swimming pools when energy is generated by wind, and stopping when it comes from higher carbon sources, summer houses can reduce emissions and provide ancillary services of balancing, voltage regulation, and congestion management. The large inertia of pools allows for a shift of electricity consumption (and thus of the “rebound” in load) by several hours, also depending on the state of occupancy of the house. In addition, summer homes are typically located at the periphery of radial distribution grids and are often located in clusters. As a result, holiday periods tend to result in particularly large consumption in these geographical areas, as many summer houses are rented out. This is a situation in which the active coordination of these flexible sources has an importance for grid stability.


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Time period

Planning time: 2 to 5 years



End users

NOVASOL holiday homes agency, homeowners

    Main benefits

  • Shaving peak energy demand

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