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Challenge / Goal

The global construction company HOLCIM has faced the large challenge of needing to transition 50 of its heavy trucks at its Germany depot to electric. To address this challenge, HOLCIM has partnered with Make My Day to use its Fleet Electrification Planning Tool, a revolutionary solution tailored for fleet managers and operators seeking to transition from traditional ICE vehicles to electric power seamlessly and intelligently. The Make My Day tool harnesses the power of historical data analysis, empowering decision-makers to unlock the myriad benefits of electrifying their fleets with ease and efficiency.

The Make My Day Fleet Electrification Planning Tool offers a comprehensive solution for fleet electrification, empowering organizations like HOLCIM, and cities, to make informed decisions, optimize operations and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Key features of the MMD Fleet Electrification tool helping HOLCIM in this transition include:

  • Data Analysis: The tool utilizes advanced data analytics techniques to analyze historical telematics data from ICE fleets. This analysis helps fleet managers understand their current usage patterns, performance metrics and potential areas for improvement.
  • Cost Calculation and Financial Impact Prediction: One of the key features of the tool is its ability to automatically calculate the costs associated with transitioning to EVs. This includes not only the upfront costs of purchasing EVs but also ongoing operational costs such as charging infrastructure, maintenance, and energy consumption. Additionally, the tool can predict the financial impact of switching to EVs, helping fleet managers make informed decisions about their investment.
  • AI-Powered Planning and Prediction: Make My Day Fleet Electrification Planning Tool leverages artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to plan and predict fleet management strategies. These algorithms take into account various factors such as vehicle usage patterns, charging infrastructure availability, and regulatory requirements to optimize fleet operations and pricing strategies.
  • Real-Time Monitoring of CO² Emission Reduction: The tool provides real-time monitoring of CO² emission reduction, allowing fleet managers to track their progress towards sustainability goals. This feature not only helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint but also provides valuable data for reporting and compliance purposes.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Make My Day Fleet Electrification Planning Tool is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for fleet managers to access and utilize its features. The tool provides intuitive dashboards, customizable reports, and interactive visualization tools to facilitate data-driven decision-making.

Citizen participation

Advocacy and Support: Citizens can advocate for policies and initiatives that promote the adoption of electric vehicles in fleets. This could include supporting government incentives for fleet electrification, advocating for the expansion of charging infrastructure, and encouraging local businesses and organizations to transition their fleets to electric vehicles.

Consumer Choices: Citizens can choose to support businesses and organizations (like HOLCIM) that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility by purchasing products and services from companies with electric vehicle fleets. By supporting these businesses, consumers can help drive demand for electric vehicles and encourage further adoption within the fleet industry.

Personal Action: Citizens can take personal actions to reduce their own carbon footprint and support the transition to electric vehicles.



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Time period

Planning time: 1 to 2 years



Service providers


End users

HOLCIM drivers, cities

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