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Challenge / Goal

Electric Vehicle (EV) utilisation is growing at an extremely rapid rate. As more people become aware of the benefits, the technology becomes more competitive with traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, and the designs of the EV's become more fashionable. However, the infrastructure required to support the current - and predicted - forecasts of EV ownership is not in place, and rates of implementation are not high enough; recent reports in the UK suggest up to 40,000 more EV charge points (EVCP) a month needed to be installed to support the transition from ICE.

One of the main factors around stalled EVCP strategies is the large number of potential EV owners without access to private parking or driveways. The number of properties without private parking in the UK is around 40%, whilst in some other European countries (such as Germany and Spain), this is over 60%. These properties and people, if they are to transition to EV, need charge points in either on-street or public locations, to support and encourage their move away from ICE vehicles.

However, EVCP installation in an on-street or public location is an extremely complex task, especially for a stakeholder such as a city municipal authority looking to act strategically. Many questions are raised that need to be answered; where is the likely demand going to be? What issues around safety and access are we likely to encounter? How and where do people park if they have no private parking or driveway available? This project sought to address these questions and more, enabling East Lothian Council to proactively plan EVCP rollout and access further government grants.


Traditional approaches to intelligence gathering in urban environments can be manual, time consuming, subjective and prohibitively expensive. Energeo wanted to leverage a combination of geospatial data and technology, alongside contemporary data interrogation techniques, in order to create a non-intrusive, automated, digital method of studying East Lothian's urban conurbations and extracting the insights needed to create an actionable EVCP strategy.

A combination of Council supplied aerial photography, third party Very High Resolution satellite imagery, and Ordnance Survey digital mapping data were used as primary source datasets. From this data, Energeo created bespoke analytical processes designed to directly answer the specific questions around likely demand, safety and access, and parking constraints put forward by East Lothian as key insights required to support the EVCP implementation planning.

Energeo created and delivered to East Lothian a suite of deliverable data:

  • A driveway probability dataset at individual property level, facilitating rapid identification of properties, streets and neighbourhoods where demand for on-street EVCPs would be higher
  • A footway width dataset, enabling simple visualisation and contextualisation of areas where EVCPs can be implemented without access and safety issues
  • An on-street vehicle dataset, pinpointing vehicles parked in on-street locations, allowing for the determination of streets where parking levels are high or over capacity and EVCP utilisation could be hampered


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Time period

Planning time: Less than 6 months

Implementation time: Less than 6 months


East Lothian

Service providers


End users

East Lothian Council

    Main benefits

  • Promoting sustainable private transport models

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