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Challenge / Goal

Project objective: To resolve the conflicting requirements of modern street lighting (more brightness versus energy savings, less CO2 emissions versus citizens' sense of security; - "light pollution", "insect-friendliness") as far as possible, by means of intelligent and integrative lighting control and the linking of different systems:

  • Separate control of spatial subnetworks possible
  • Adjusting the brightness of the lighting to the traffic volume and to the requirements of the citizens by dynamic dimming
  • Colour temperature controllable between a neutral white tone and a warm white light
  • Data collection on the operating status of individual lights will help with fault analyses in the future. This will reduce time-consuming troubleshooting and potential light outages
  • Establish street lighting as a carrier for other "intelligent" additional equipment (in the masts, for example, sensors for noise and air pollutant emissions, traffic volumes and types, or speed measurements)


From a large selection of worldwide applicants, the model project in Bad Hersfeld was chosen as the winner of this year's "Smart 50 Awards" in the USA - as only one of two European projects. From Bad Hersfeld's point of view, too, the "Light as a Service" model project has fully met and in large part exceeded the expectations of the project participants and the city's politicians.

  • The intended energy consumption and CO2 savings have been fully achieved and further expanded through dynamic lighting control
  • By using the latest generation of luminaires, energy savings of 77% on average could be achieved within the project compared to the actual state. These values could be increased up to 91% with the use of the dynamic control in certain situations!
  • The reduction in consumption amounts to around 65,000 kWh per year for the 154 lights used in the project
  • The CO2 reduction amounts to about 27 tons per year
  • The dynamic-adaptive street lighting can be adapted at any time to individual or groups of lights without major maintenance effort, for example to changes in traffic volume, weather conditions, detour situations or special events
  • The sensor-based detection of wet road conditions leads to considerable additional energy savings and reduced glare effects by lowering the dimming level of the street lights
  • Traffic safety is ensured. This is also true if increased warm white colour temperatures and greater dimming are implemented during off-peak periods to reduce light pollution effects (due to altered light cones) and to increase insect-friendliness
  • The model project provides better failure analysis and increased system availability. The time span until defects are noticed and maintenance takes effect is shortened

Citizen participation

Development and testing of a citizen app for temporary switching in a residential area


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Time period

Planning time: 1 to 2 years


City of Bad Hersfeld, Stadtwerke Bad Hersfeld, [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations GmbH, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, Technical University of Berlin

Service providers

City of Bad Hersfeld, Stadtwerke Bad Hersfeld, [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations GmbH, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, Technical University of Berlin

End users

City of Bad Hersfeld, Bad Hersfeld public utility company, citizens

    Main benefits

  • Reducing operation costs

  • Improving energy usage efficiency

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