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Challenge / Goal

The City of Cardiff sought to address the dual challenge of increasing waste management costs and the need for environmental conservation. The goal was to overhaul the traditional waste collection system to a more efficient, data-driven model that could adapt to the city's dynamic needs, reduce carbon emissions from waste collection fleets, and engage citizens in sustainable practices.


Cardiff Council, in partnership with IoTech Innovations Ltd., introduced smart bins equipped with IoT sensors to monitor fill levels. This data feeds into an AI-powered route optimization system that dynamically schedules pickups, reducing unnecessary collections and saving on operational costs.

Citizen participation

The project involved a community feedback mechanism via a mobile app, where residents could report bin statuses and suggest improvements, fostering a sense of civic engagement and responsibility.


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Time period

Planning time: 6 months to 1 year

Implementation time: 1 to 2 years


Cardiff Council, IoTech Innovations Ltd.

Service providers

Cardiff Council

End users

Residents of Cardiff

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