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Challenge / Goal

Unsafe situations in traffic:
The level of traffic unsafety in the city is now mainly determined on the basis of residents' perceptions, which cannot always be substantiated by objective figures on actual accidents. This makes it difficult to substantiate measures such as road or green space modifications. However, sentiment about road safety does help determine resistance to plans to build new housing, or to other urban development initiatives that lead to increased traffic. 

Especially in places where there are children, it is important to take preventive measures to improve road safety, instead of acting reactively once an accident has already happened.

For the Municipality of Alkmaar, road safety is an important part of mobility. In order to deal proactively with road safety, it is almost necessary not only to have data on crashes that have already taken place, but to look for criteria that show the probability of a crash. This helps, on the one hand, to better assess the value of reports made by residents or companies, and, on the other hand, to optimise the layout of the public space when it is due for refurbishment.


The Unsafe Road Situations Monitor was seen as an important smart city solution for reducing this problem. This monitor provides visibility of "near" accidents, allowing preventative action to be taken where it is deemed necessary by the local authorities.

The monitor was able to be implemented in the city of Alkmaar, supported and based on data from Veilig Verkeer Nederland (reports from citizens on unsafe traffic situations), as well as data from the National Police (registered accidents), among others. This innovative solution can easily be extended with other data, on a customised basis.

How does the Unsafe Road Situations Monitor help with Alkmaar's transport safety needs?

The monitor shows the number of re-incidents and links this to other existing data, such as the presence of speed bumps, the proximity of schools or other social facilities and, for example, the registered accidents. These braking incidents do not necessarily reflect the accidents, but the number of braking incidents at a certain location. By subsequently linking this to a 3D representation of the city, insight can be gained quickly into the properties of the location. This makes it possible to look at the location at different levels and to take measures here if necessary. The Monitor therefore helps to proactively deal with road safety, because a location can come up before an accident has occurred.



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Time period

Planning time: 6 months to 1 year

Implementation time: Less than 6 months


Analyze, City of Alkmaar

Service providers


End users

All citizens

    Main benefits

  • Improving travel safety

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