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Challenge / Goal

Milan will address deep energy retrofit of the residential building stock, both public and private, saving the 60% of energy consumption through tailored technology packages, including: integration of low-carbon energy sources; physical modernization; digital controls; comfort monitoring. New approaches as co-design process and citizen engagement paths, will be developed through the digital availability of consumption and environmental data, collected by innovative monitoring systems. Interventions aim to save until 60-70% energy consumption and improve comfort inside dwelling.


Public Building: refurbishment of 5.000 smq public residential building with PV, heat pump and comfort monitoring system. Max estimated energy consumption savings 60%.                                 
Private Building:retrofit of more than 24.000 smq of multi-property residential buildings integrated with sensors for monitoring and managing energy consumption (max estimated energy consumption saving 70%).

The activities took following phases:

  • 55 condominium candidate to Call for Interest;
  • 20 condominium attended co-design process;
  • June 2017: end of co-design process;
  • September 2018: 5 condominium approved retrofitting (24.298 smq);
  • December 2018: 4 condominium retrofitted  (15.500 smq), 1 ongoing (end by June 2019). 

The co-design processes consist of different steps and meetings:

  1. INTRODUCTION – all condos participate together and discuss the expectations of improvement after retrofitting interventions;
  2. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS - condominiums work with technicians who make diagnosis of building and explain the possible results of retrofitting;
  3. SHARING SCENARIOS - technicians present different scenarios (costs and cash flows);
  4. EXTRA MEETING - the chosen scenario is presented to the single condominium and deepened in specific meetings:


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Time period

Planning time: 6 months to 1 year

Implementation time: 2 to 5 years

    Main benefits

  • Decreasing energy consumption in buildings

  • Reducing energy bills

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