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Challenge / Goal

Encouraging more people to take up cycling as a form of active mobility will reduce congestion and carbon emissions, contribute to preventative health and provide more data to understand uptake issues. The main goal within the BICIFICATION project and in the three pilot cities is to motivate citizens to start cycling, or cycle more, using a reward-based gamification scheme.


The BICIFICATION project aims to support a modal shift towards green, active mobility through a reward-based gamification program, by proposing an advanced solution (TRL9) consisting of patented hardware and software for monitoring and rewarding bike trips reliably, implemented across three pilot cities: Braga, Istanbul and Tallinn. 

Registered users receive monetary rewards by the local authorities, while cities benefit valuable and reliable trajectories data. Local shops are also supporters of the scheme, as they provide discounts based on the collected points. Thus, an additional benefit for the local communities is the promotion of purchases from local shops.

Citizen participation

Approximately 1500 registered users in Braga, Portugal; Istanbul, Türkiye; and Tallinn, Estonia, will receive monetary rewards from the local authorities as well as non-monetary incentives after completing bike trips. Cities receive valuable data that helps them plan better. A real-time open data platform available to the citizens includes bike routes cycled, heat maps, case studies, reports about saved carbon dioxide emissions, kilometres travelled and rewards granted.  

The broader communities will also be engaged in the scheme – local authorities are the regulators and local businesses benefit by providing vouchers as rewards to citizens. Ultimately, 100.000 users and 90 cities are expected to participate over the next five years. 



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Time period

Planning time: 6 months to 1 year

Implementation time: Less than 6 months


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Tallinn City, The City of Braga, CERTH, KTH

Service providers

PinBike, Nextome

End users

All citizens

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