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Challenge / Goal

The Torrent City Council had problems with project management and project initiation, as there were too many projects and there was no proper communication between all of them. It was seen that it needed a tool to organize it better.

The achievements that

  • Take advantage to implement project management in the organization.
  • Avoid that these actions are personal, of individuals. People can leave and there may not be another leader willing to continue.
  • It should be impregnated in the organization itself and be part of its DNA, otherwise the method is forgotten.
  • There are many laws and procedures for economic issues and transparency, for example, but there is no management methodology.


After having carried out the surveys, it responded to the need of the Organizations to automate and optimize the activities of governance, management control and accountability of planning and management.

Therefore, the City Council contracted mideNet, a tool of the company PKF ATTEST that is in charge of the development of Consulting and Information Technology projects.

It was necessary to define the structures to be able to visualize the indicators, projects, documents, etc. This is how it was defined:

  • Dynamic definition of STRUCTURES: Strategic Plan, Urban Agenda, Departmental Plans, Sector Plans, ENS, Next Generation, Service Charters, Transparency Law...
  • PROJECTS: management control and monitoring of projects and tasks that allow the proper deployment of the objectives set.
  • INDICATORS: management control and monitoring of the indicators that allow measuring the fulfillment of the proposed objectives.
  • COMMENTS/ FOLLOW-UP REPORTS: qualitative evaluation of projects, tasks and indicators.
  • DOCUMENTS: documents incorporated in structure, projects, tasks and indicators as management control and evaluation.

Citizen participation

A citizen survey was conducted, with 750 respondents, on quality of life, municipal services and actions and sustainable development objectives, in order to enrich the diagnosis. The results of the aforementioned survey, and in relation to the level of importance given by citizens to the different services. It turns out that street cleaning and waste collection (56.3%) and public safety (49.7%) are what matter most to citizens.

Respondents also rated the different axes of the Urban Agenda. Improving care for the elderly, children and youth', 'improving access to housing', 'promoting agriculture and improving green infrastructures', 'promoting recycling and improving waste management and reducing energy consumption', and 'improving the urban environment and accessibility' are the most important.


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