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Challenge / Goal

This project is a starting point in the public-private collaboration within the framework of the future digital district of Palma, and is the seed to lay the foundations for the development of innovation projects with impact on the city and its citizens.

This innovative AI Chatbot Tutor Agent service arises from a Public-Private collaboration with the aim of addressing urgent social problems, created jointly by the start-up "" and led and coordinated from the IMI and the Smart Office of Palma in collaboration with the Tutor Agent Manel Crespí, from the Local Police of the municipality of Inca.

This revolutionary ChatGPT-style solution was presented at the last RECI Technical Committee held in Gijón on March 7 and 8 by two of its promoters: David Díaz and Bartolomé Crespi, head and innovation project manager of IMI Palma de Mallorca respectively.

The objective of the Chatbot is to reinforce the figure of the human tutor agent and provide 24/7 assistance to parents, family members and teenagers facing problems such as bullying, bullying and technological addiction among others. This AI Chatbot Tutor Agent AI is connected with official municipal instructions and information to give truthful information at all times to avoid incorrect answers.

The Tutor Agent Chatbot offers simple and immediate 24/7 access, providing specialized information, resources, and privacy from a laptop or smartphone. The agent understands more than 60 languages, the interaction is intuitive and also allows for multiple simultaneous conversations. It also makes it easy to schedule appointments with human agent tutors for specialized assistance. Inaddition, this new generation Chabot leverages the expertise of human agent tutors who access an online dashboard through which they easily configure and train the Chatbot by filling out forms. When the Chatbot is activated, a dashboard is enabled to measure the impact of the new service.

Empowering citizens through AI: with this innovative service, artificial intelligence (AI) is placed at the service of citizens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This allows freeing up human resources of the municipality and focusing on higher value tasks, improving the efficiency and quality of services offered to citizens. This AI-enabled chatbot is not intended to replace the human tutor agent, but to complement, enhance and reinforce its work. represents a bold step towards a future where technology and human collaboration come together to address pressing social problems. democratizes the use of AI and comes with a free basic beta service model, available in the cloud for free activation and use by any municipality, with no licensing costs, using a pay-as-you-go model of extra credits/tokens consumption and specialized services

This AI Chatbot uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence supported by OpenAI and is validated by human agent tutors. This tool is designed to meet the goals of the statewide (ENIA) and regional AI strategy. The leadership and collaboration of IMI and the Smart Office Palma office has been very important in the recommendations of how to incorporate an AI innovation pilot through this specific use case, as well as the collaboration and contribution of more than 12 years of experience in the prevention of bullying and addictions to technologies by the mentoring agent Manel Crespí from the local police of Inca.

Incorporate AI in your organization through this use case. All the information at

Citizen participation

Its development involved users by testing the use of the tool. Users respond to different roles in the educational context (educators, adolescents, parents, friends, relatives, etc.).

All participants agree that yes, they would recommend such a program. It is undeniable that artificial intelligence has burst unstoppably into our lives, and its use will eventually become commonplace. None of the participants had interacted with artificial intelligence software before, and the responses were, for example:

  • Young people can ask questions unseen, and this makes it easier for them to take the first step.

  • It's a simple way of accessing content that is very much on the agenda and that, as parents, requires our attention.

  • Yes, I would recommend it above all because being supervised by a human police officer, it is a reliable and close source of information.

  • It is a very useful resource and solves any doubts you may have quickly.

  • Yes, because I believe that the more tools and the more diverse they are, the more likely they are to help people who need assistance. I don't consider it a substitute for the work of police mentors, but it can complement it.

  • I have found it to be a very good tool as a first approach to help with problems that may arise among students, student-teachers, and in the school and extracurricular environment of adolescents in general. It is also a way to obtain a first information on a topic that may have concerns and worries.


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Time period

Planning time: 6 months to 1 year

Implementers , SmartOffice Palma and the Tutor Agent of Inca

Service providers

End users

All citizens

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