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Challenge / Goal

In developing projects for the 8th City programme Aberdeen City Council (ACC) identified the need for smart infrastructure at key sites across the city in order to generate data to improve the transport network and reduce traffic congestion. Other needs and requirements linked to the DDD project were as follows:

  • Deliver and inter-connect data sets for influencing behavioural change
  • Improve quality of data;
  • Improve transport safety and mobility;
  • Reduce carbon emissions;
  • Support a more reliable public transport system;
  • Increase city productivity; and
  • Increase cross service and regional provision.


Aberdeen’s Digital Data Deployment (DDD) initiative is a Smart Infrastructure project using sensors and video analytics to collate high quality data along strategic travel corridors.  

Data is used across city services to enhance operation of the transport network using an ‘Internet of Things’ approach, enabling autonomous intervention to live traffic events. Interaction between datasets, such as air quality and street lighting levels, contributes to public information to influence behavioural change. 

Aberdeen City Council (ACC) installed almost 40 IPCCTV cameras with feeds to a central server and control room – enabling full monitoring and review of traffic related issues; this enables enhanced understanding of live and historic traffic information to strategically operate and further develop the transport network and appraise network issues retrospectively. 

The DDD project has enabled ACC to deliver 3 data sets available for innovation - these are: Air Quality; Journey Time information; and Incident information.

Citizen participation

This project was delivered as part of the 'Scotland's 8th City - the Smart City' ERDF programme. All cities involved are committed to 'community and citizen stakeholder engagement' as an additional programme output - with engagement required pre-, during, and post-project delivery. 
For this project, the following stakeholder engagement was noted: 

Pre-Delivery and During Implementation: Apart from internal (ACC) engagement, the only other major stakeholder was Police Scotland, primarily due to the sensitivity of IPCCTV projects. Police Scotland were taken through the whole process with us to ensure they are aware of the footprint the cameras would have.

Post-delivery:  Subsequent to this project ACC and Police Scotland engaged in work to scope a joint Police Control room partly based on our improved partnership working.


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Time period

Planning time: 6 months to 1 year

Implementation time: 6 months to 1 year


Aberdeen City Council

Service providers

Aberdeen City Council

End users

Aberdeen City Council (ACC)

    Main benefits

  • Smart data

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