I recently came across an interesting webinar and wanted to share it here:

Do you want to speak about smart cities and urban mobility with an expert PhD and entrepreneur? Then join IMPACT Connected Car (ICCar) Community to discuss with the CEO and Co-Founder of IomobBoyd Cohen!


When: Tuesday March 26th at 12PM CET.

Where: ICCar Community News Space.

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., is an urban strategist focused on the areas of urban innovationentrepreneurshipsmart cities and urban mobility. He has published 3 books (Climate Capitalism, 2011; The Emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur, 2016; Post-capitalist Entrepreneurship, 2017). In 2017, he co-founded Iomob, which is a blockchain startup seeking to disrupt the mobility sector by providing an open protocol for decentralized mobility aggregation. Boyd also led the foundation of the Blockchain Cities Alliance, forming a growing coalition of organizations committed to advancing the adoption of blockchain in smart cities.

Boyd created the Smart Cities Wheel as a framework for developing and implementing smart city strategies and for benchmarking cities around the globe. It has been translated into Spanish, Swedish, Hebrew and Dutch among other languages. After finishing a three-year stint at Accenture, Boyd obtained his Ph.D. in strategy and entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado (2001).