Event date
20.03.2023 - 23.03.2023

Schelmenwasenstraße 32
70567 Aichtal, Stuttgart, Germany

Web 3.0 – the new Internet or just hype? For one week, bwcon and its partner Swiss Business Hub Germany will get to the bottom of the new generation of the World Wide Web.

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On the 22nd of march, our DACH lead, @Philipp Reichenbach, will be presenting at the bwcon event. The panel discussion will be about: “How can supply chain challenges be solved with the help of technologies like blockchain?”. The popular Blockchain Hackathon is now in its fourth iteration and is being presented as part of web3week in an unique hybrid style. The programmers create sophisticated use cases and solution strategies for problems. Interdisciplinary teams comprised of company representatives and interested parties acquire practical techniques.

At the Web3week you will learn from experts everything about Web 3.0 and what opportunities, but also risks the various technologies have for companies. 

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