Summary: Valencia, Spain, is investing in IoT to combat energy poverty, showcasing a commitment to using advanced technology for the well-being of residents. The initiative uses IoT and decentralized wireless networks to collect real-time data, particularly monitoring the well-being of vulnerable citizens.

​​​​​​​Key players:


  1. Wellbased: deployment of 130 air quality sensors addressing energy poverty and monitoring respiratory health.
  2. Ebento: installation of 52 sensors in two buildings, enhancing energy efficiency by measuring temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration.

Global relevance: Valencia's initiative becomes a global model for addressing urban energy inequality. The LoRa Alliance's involvement ensures industry-standard IoT connectivity.

Source of information: https://www.smartcitiesworld.net/internet-of-things/city-of-valencia-backs-iot-project-to-combat-energy-poverty (Published 10 November 2023).