Gijón, Spain

Main issues must be clearly stated

The company Acciona Energía has presented a digital energy calculator to:

  • help the citizens of Gijón to measure their consumption,
  • improve their energy efficiency,
  • save on their electricity bill
  • reduce their environmental footprint.

This initiative is part of a series of training and informative events that are being carried out from the LUCE Gijón project and that aim to develop an intelligent city - smart city - vertebrate in innovation, entrepreneurship, employment, sustainability and citizen participation as fundamental axes .


Gijón, Asturias, Spain

Main facts/points outlined in body of text

  • The energy calculator uses a simple form to collect detailed information about the house, such as its dimensions, the type of lighting, the characteristics of household appliances and other elements related to energy consumption.
  • With the collection of this data, the energy calculator makes a calculation of the total energy consumption, provides a comprehensive analysis of its efficiency and provides recommendations to reduce costs and minimize environmental impact, from replacing appliances with more efficient ones to modifications in the contracted power.
  • This digital calculator not only helps to save on electricity bills, but also allows citizens to understand how factors such as lighting options or the type of appliances used in the home influence consumption. It also allows them to know in detail how they consume energy and to become aware of more efficient and responsible alternatives.

Access the energy calculator here: