United Kingdom

The UK government has redirected funding from the halted HS2 Phase 2 to revolutionize England's transportation infrastructure. This plan, unveiled by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, aims to enhance daily connections, boost economic growth, and transform communities. The centerpiece, "Network North," will improve connectivity in the North and Midlands with a £36 billion investment in various transport projects, and an extra £12 billion will be allocated for Liverpool-Manchester connectivity. While HS2 will proceed as planned between London and the West Midlands, there will be a shift towards improving transportation quality and frequency nationwide, rather than pursuing HS2 Phase 2 between Birmingham and Manchester.

Communities in towns, cities and rural areas will see improved transport infrastructure through £19.8 billion reinvested in the North, including:  

  • £2 billion for a new station at Bradford and a new connection to Manchester
  • £2.5 billion to deliver a new mass transit system in West Yorkshire
  • £3 billion for upgraded and electrified lines between Manchester and Sheffield, Sheffield and Leeds, Sheffield and Hull, and Hull and Leeds

A total of £9.6 billion will be reinvested in the Midlands: 

  • Funding the Midlands Rail Hub in full with £1.75 billion, connecting 50 stations and over seven million people – doubling capacity and frequency
  • Over £1.5 billion guaranteed local transport funding for the new East Midlands Mayor  
  • Over £1 billion extra local transport funding for West Midlands City Region.

And £6.5 billion will be invested across the rest of the country: 

  • Rail improvements in the Southwest
  • Keeping the £2 bus fare until the end of December 2024
  • Ensuring the delivery of road schemes
  • Transforming Ely Junction, and billions to fix potholes on the country’s roads

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