As part of the Living-in.EU movement, the European Smart Communities Network has an open call to become an official member state representative.

If you see yourself as a proud champion of the sustainable digitalisation of local communities in your country, formally acknowledged by the European Commission, then consider applying to join!

About the Movement

The platform was launched during the CITYxCITY Festival and creates the conditions to upscale digital solutions based on iconic projects. is a bottom-up movement which has the ambition to have a positive impact on the quality of life of at least 300 million European citizens by 2025. The initiative is a cooperation of Eurocities,  Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC),  European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) and is supported by the European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions.

In the pursuit of addressing urban challenges through digital solutions, the platform champions the 'European Way.' From smart mobility to sustainable housing and civic governance, its focus is on widespread adoption. Scaling these solutions is vital for meeting climate targets, reducing environmental impact, and fostering citizen participation. Through citizen co-creation, the movement strives for an inclusive digital Europe, ensuring economic and social benefits reach every community.

Profile of ideal candidates:

The European Smart Communities Network is looking for seasoned experts in smart local communities with a passion for digital transformation in the European Union with at least 5 years of experience and a strong network, especially in the local but also regional and national government.

As a voluntary member of the Smart Communities network, your role will be to:

  1. Act as the central contact for relevant networks and initiatives in your country.

  2. Gather information on digitalization-focused entities within your country.

  3. Organise local events, including the national information session, to promote the LORDIMAS tool and share insights on the Digital Europe Programme.

  4. Drive the adoption of digital transformation locally by addressing specific needs and participating in strategic planning through the Member States Representatives Group. Your contribution is pivotal in shaping the digital landscape at the national level.

Find all the requirements here.

How to apply:

Fill out the registration form, and submit a full profile, including:  

  1. Your CV
  2. Recommended to have at least two letters from credible sources that can vouch for your skills and experience. These can be from colleagues, supervisors or other professionals in the field.
  3. A list of contacts in local and regional governments, as well as any relevant organisations or networks you are part of (name of the organisation, link to website, name of the contact person, function title, email address and phone number).

Selection process and timeline:

  • Apply by 23rd November, 12:00h COB. 

  • The consortium will review applications in November 2023. 

  • Top 3 candidates will be interviewed in December 2023.  

  • One candidate per member state will be selected in December 2023. 

  • Selected candidates will be proposed for approval by the European Commission. 

  • An online kick-off meeting will be held in January 2024.

Don't miss this chance to be at the forefront of sustainable digital transformation in Europe.
Apply by 23rd November 2023, 12:00h COB.


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