United Kingdom

In a move aimed at supporting the millions of drivers across the United Kingdom, Transport Secretary Mark Harper has unveiled a comprehensive long-term government plan to back motorists and address their everyday concerns. With over 40 million licensed vehicles and 50 million driving license holders in Great Britain, the plan seeks to ensure that driving remains an accessible and convenient mode of transportation for all citizens.

A quick highlight on the measures:

  • Reviewing guidance on 20mph speed limits in England to prevent blanket use in inappropriate areas.
  • Amending guidance on low traffic neighborhoods to prioritize local consent.
  • Evaluating existing anti-driver policies that lack local support.
  • Consulting on ways to prevent overly restrictive "15-minute cities."
  • Implementing a national parking platform pilot to simplify parking payments.
  • Supporting councils to introduce lane rental schemes for utility companies digging up busy roads, with a portion of fees directed towards road repairs.
  • Consulting on extending fines for street repairs that overrun into weekends.
  • Strengthening guidance to ensure bus lanes operate only when necessary.
  • Launching a consultation on allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes.
  • Exploring options to restrict local authorities' revenue generation from traffic offenses and overzealous traffic enforcement, such as yellow-box junctions.

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