Mannheim, Germany

About the city

  • Current Sector Status: Mannheim, often referred to as the "City of Squares," is positioning itself as a Smart City pioneer in Germany. By 2022, it has made significant progress in integrating digitization and sustainability into its urban infrastructure.

  • Regional position: In the larger Baden-Württemberg region, Mannheim stands out for its innovative collaborations between municipalities, academia and business.

  • Main goals: Mannheim focuses on improving energy efficiency, advancing urban mobility, promoting a participatory urban environment, and supporting urban digital innovation.

Ongoing projects or areas / Existing funding sources.

  • Build Green Tech center using the Quadruple Helix approach. Greentech Innovation Center - Quadruple Helix. For companies, university, research.... The goal is to exploit the potential for innovation. Climate protection agency moves in to involve citizens. 7.5 million euros for the conversion of the Mannheim Gründungszentrum GmbH. Torben is doing the groundwork. It has the character of a hub / lab. Start-up centers are important in the realization. Target new manufacturing industry. - Working on branding of the center now

  • Initiative Industrial Location Mannheim

  • Smart Lighting of the city

  • sMArt City Mannheim GmbH,

Needs identified

Most important challenges

  • Transformation is a key issue want to continue producing but more sustainably.

  • We also want to include manufacturing companies in the focus on green tech.

  • Addressing companies is not easy. Become even more present.

  • Many startups are green tech: are manufacturing startups. (this is new) -b so far more tech & creative e.g. Latent heat storage plates → need space Startup for water desalination. Problem: find production space + find invest for it. (problem impatient investors) → producing startups in favorable leases / risk management TRL 8-10 - idea concept allocation 500 sqm + flexible partitioning.

Possible areas for collaboration (ideas)

  • learning form CPH Nordhaven;

  • Connect with Areal Wolf

  • Connect with Green Tech companies

  • support With Speakers

URL city website


Additional information

Torben Stieglitz, the Green Tech and Smart Economy competence field manager at Mannheim Economic Development, emphasizes openness to new things and the importance of networks. He sees a close connection between sustainability and supply chain. In addition, traffic control and environmental monitoring are important topics in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. An association will be founded in cooperation with Wifö Heidelberg for the Green Tech Cluster.

Vision: With trust and innovation, we will become a leading region for green future technologies.


Your Greentech lead markets:

  • have considered to get Efre funds for it

  • go to Florence - to the uni for nature based solutions

  • Braabant contacts

  • twin city in Windsor?

  • Circular Economy DIFU project (Mannheim is already very far)