Madrid, Spain

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The Association of Real Estate Developers of Madrid(Asprima) has signed an agreement with the real estate consulting firm Atlas Real Estate Analytics to create LandCAM, a platform that will monitor in real time the active urban developments in the Community of Madrid. The new tool will feature an interactive map with the most relevant data of the projects.


Community of Madrid, Spain

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  • The purpose of this agreement is to use digitalization to provide transparency and rigor to the information of the land developments in process, being a real information agglutinator and streamlining the administrative procedures of the urban land in the Community of Madrid, establishing the channels that enable mutual cooperation.
  • To this end, Atlas Real Estate Analytics will provide Asprima with a real-time information system on the status of land developments, allowing the association to consult the development forecasts for each area during its different phases.
  • The online platform will have an interactive map, delimited and updated in real time with the most relevant data of the projects: phases of the developments, number of dwellings and surface areas and planning of housing commissioning.
  • On November 30, the LandCAM platform will be presented to all Asprima associates. Through this tool, Asprima will be able to know in real time the active land developments in the Community of Madrid broken down by phases, the buildable area, the number of free and subsidized housing planned and its market launch, the existence of possible obstacles or problems in the plans that may cause delays and the actions in real time related to any urban planning agent, collaborating entities or administration.