Linz, Austria

About the city

Linz is a city with a strong steel industry and a thriving digital mile. The city is also home to renowned universities. Linz is committed to hydrogen and is actively engaged in climate neutrality and climate protection. There are ongoing projects and funding sources aimed at making the city fit for the future. Linz places a high value on citizen participation and has many initiatives that involve the city's population. The city is also interested in promoting professionals from third countries and is working on measures to improve the city center. Linz is open to collaboration in various areas and has an interest in hydrogen issues.


  • Strong steel industry

  • digital mile

  • Good universities

Ongoing projects or areas / Existing funding sources

  • Climate neutrality concept being worked on internally (citizen participation underway)

  • Existing climate protection adaptation concept

  • Many new buildings

  • Focus on hydrogen

  • Various formats for citizen participation

  • Linz promotes the connection of IT and economy

  • climate action days

  • H2 Hydrogen Convention

  • Large-scale participation process for planning, technology and environment

  • Focus on mobility and greening

Needs identified

  • Introduction of hydrogen into the city.

  • Focus on digitalization and AI.

  • Hydrogen Summit with expert audience.

  • Identification of gaps and storage related to hydrogen - value chain.

  • Experts from third countries.

  • Development of a city center concept.

  • Make Linz sustainable in energy (focus on steel industry & IT).

  • Citizen participation.

  • Inner city measures.

  • Interested in EU CALLS.

  • Looking forcontacts for hydrogen issues.

Possible areas for cooperation (ideas)

Concept for sustainable Christmas lighting

Collaboration on EU CALLS

Share hydrogen issues with them

URL city website