71263 Weil der Stadt, Merklingen, Germany

Summary: Merklingen, a small town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, now hosts the world's largest car park with 259 EV charging spaces, surpassing a similar facility in Shenzhen, China. The focus is on commuter needs, providing up to 11 kW in AC charging. The hub connects to a high-speed train route, catering to Park&Ride users. 

Key Points:

  • Commuter-focused: designed for Park&Ride, catering to train commuters traveling between Ulm and Wendlingen.
  • Sustainable features: a vast solar carport with a peak capacity of 875 kW generates up to 900,000 kWh of renewable energy annually, with excess feeding into the local grid.
  • Forward-thinking infrastructure: built with future e-mobility needs in mind, anticipating a shift towards electric vehicles over the next decade.
  • Cost and funding: the Merklingen charging park cost over four million euros, with the state of Baden-Württemberg covering more than half the investment.

Source of information: https://www.electrive.com/2023/11/01/a-huge-charge-park-is-now-open-in-the-small-german-town-of-merklingen/ (Published 01 November 2023).