United Kingdom

The UK government has partnered with Amazon Alexa to relaunch a campaign offering energy-saving advice. Users can ask Alexa for tips, receiving government guidance on winter preparation and long-term energy reduction. This extends the successful "It All Adds Up" initiative, where 80% of UK residents took money-saving actions. Over three million households will be informed of eligibility for a £150 Warm Home Discount to aid winter energy bills. Simple, cost-effective measures, such as adjusting boiler settings and bleeding radiators, could save households up to £100 annually. The campaign aims to empower families with practical strategies for energy efficiency.

In addition, targeted financial support, including the £150 Warm Home Discount, will continue to be provided.

Read more here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/families-to-cut-bills-with-energy-saving-tips-and-support-for-most-vulnerable