• Location: Denmark
  • Denmark is on the brink of becoming a European leader in green hydrogen production, leveraging its abundant wind resources and offshore wind expansion. The government's strategic push, outlined by Minister Dan Jørgensen, seeks to transform key industries like shipping and aviation traditionally dependent on fossil fuels.​​​​​​​
  • Introduced in December 2021, the Power-to-X strategy outlines four critical goals:

  1. Emission Reduction: A pivotal role for Power-to-X in achieving carbon emission reduction targets.

  2. Regulatory Infrastructure: Establishing a robust regulatory framework and infrastructure for long-term market viability.

  3. Energy System Integration: Enhancing interaction between Power-to-X and the Danish energy system.

  4. Global Export: Positioning Denmark as a global exporter of Power-to-X products and technologies.

  • With a target of 4-6 GW electrolyser capacity by 2030, the strategy aims to reduce carbon emissions by 2.5-4.0 million tonnes. Financing this vision is a €161 million investment package announced in March 2022, supporting Power-to-X and hydrogen value chain projects. An additional €7.5 million (2022-2026) is allocated for a hydrogen task force guiding project developers.

    Denmark's bold move toward a hydrogen-based economy, marked by ambitious targets and substantial investments, positions the country as a pioneer in sustainable energy innovation.

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