The acceleration of climate neutrality efforts in small and medium-sized cities across Europe and the need for specialized support and innovative solutions tailored to semi-urban and rural challenges in achieving smart climate neutrality.

  • Location: Europe

Main Facts/Points:

  • A new Focus Group titled "Small Giants" has been established under the European Commission's Smart Cities Marketplace initiative to support small and medium-sized cities in their transition towards climate neutrality.
  • The majority of European city residents live in small and medium-sized cities, making them critical to achieving the EU's climate goals, especially in light of recent extreme weather patterns.
  • The "Small Giants" Focus Group aims to develop replicable methods and solutions for the unique challenges faced by semi-urban areas, covering a range of themes from the circular economy to mobility transition.
  • The Focus Group's objectives include clarifying semi-urban challenges, developing scalable tools, aggregating needs, and identifying financing pathways, with the intent to build on best practices within the community.
  • Participation in the Focus Group is open to those willing to share opinions through a limited number of online workshops, with potential for in-person events.
  • The first meeting of the "Small Giants" Focus Group is scheduled for February 21, 2024, aiming to shape the work program for the next 18 months with support from the Smart Cities Marketplace Team.

For those who recognize the importance of small and medium-sized cities and the urgency of large-scale transformation, there's an opportunity to contribute to the new Focus Group. Registration for both the initial meeting and the Focus Group is available through the provided link.