Citython is a mobility hackathon where a group of experts and students in urban planning, sociology, engineering, data science, and business creation work together to foster innovation in our cities

As part of EIT Urban Mobility’s core activities, the aim of this year is to celebrate new Citython editions in the top European cities of Eindhoven (Netherlands), Bilbao and Barcelona (Spain), and Hamburg (Germany), and Lublin (Poland).

Who is it for? 

If you are a bachelor's, master's, Ph.D. student, or researcher with expertise in urbanism, urban data, or computer sciences willing to ideate the most innovative solutions to solve the urban mobility challenges existing in the cities, you can participate.  

The winners are also offered the opportunity to work with cities and industry professionals to implement their solutions and present them at a world-famous exposition such as the Dutch Technology Week, the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, or the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.

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