Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

Market Fact

  • Citymesh, a Belgian private network provider and industrial connectivity specialist, has secured a €3.9 million grant from the European Digital Fund for its smart-city consortium project with the city of Wavre. The project aims to build a private 5G network, fostering a greener and smarter city just 30 minutes away from the EU headquarters in Brussels. The funding, provided through the EU's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), is intended to support the digital transformation of the region until 2027.
  • Location: Belgium
  • The CONNECTOW consortium is creating a city-owned 5G network in Wavre for advanced applications, emphasizing local socio-economic development and sustainable goals. The network, accessible to businesses and residents in Bierges, Limal, and Wavre, will support initiatives like smart metering, IoT monitoring for grid modernization, and autonomous drones for firefighting. The project also aims to provide affordable or free internet access, free WiFi for events, and features a 'living lab' in Wavre’s library, along with IoT sensors for air quality, traffic, and waste management.​​​​​​​
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  • https://en.connectow.eu/ 5th of December