Main issues must be clearly stated

The Diputación de Cádiz moves forward in the field of electronic administration with the implementation of the Single Electronic File service. This tool will bring together the files already completed and that have been resolved in the Tr@diz processing system, which will now be stored in the General Archive of the provincial institution and organized according to its classification table.


Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain

Main facts/points outlined in body of text

  • In order toimplement the Single Electronic Archive, the General Secretariat of the Provincial Council of Cadiz undertook a process of adaptation of the documents to their electronic aspect and in accordance with the National Interoperability Scheme (Esquema Nacional de Interoperabilidad).
  • In addition, a set of rules has been created to regulate this change: the electronic document management policy, the functional classification table, the metadata scheme, the catalog of administrative procedures and the electronic identity and signature policy.
  • Files transferred to the Single Electronic File cannot be reopened for modification, as is the case with the paper version. However, they will be accessible from the Tr@diz processing system to the staff of the Cadiz Provincial Council, who will be able to download them and add comments.
  • In this way, the authenticity of the documents stored in this tool is guaranteed, as well as their integrity, availability, optimal conservation, confidentiality and quality.
  • The agility in document management will bring benefits for people and entities that require the consultation of electronic files, by facilitating access to them without the need for travel or unnecessary expenses.