The European Innovation Procurement Awards recognise the efforts done by public and private buyers to promote and stimulate innovation procurement and the innovative ways the solutions are procured across Europe. The Awards also aim to demonstrate how innovation procurement positively transforms the economy by not only creating new and sustainable markets but also by tackling societal challenges such as climate change. 

In 2022, the second edition of European Innovation Procurement Awards is featuring three categories:

  • Innovation procurement strategy: to reward holistic and dedicated strategy/action plans that trigger sustainable innovation procurement practices.
  • Facing societal challenges: to reward those innovative procurement practises aimed to face the COVID-19 pandemic and/or its consequences during the recovery phase.
  • Procurement leadership: to reward the outstanding individuals and/or legal entities that create strong role models; who empower others to succeed in the use and further deployment of innovation procurement; or develop, support and promote the establishment of new innovative procurement practices within the innovation ecosystem.

Each category will reward the winner with EUR 75 000 and one runner-up with EUR 25 000.

The deadline for submissions is 22 June 2022 at 17:00 CEST.

Full details on the Awards, eligibility and how to apply are available at: