1357 Copenhagen Municipality, Copenhagen, Denmark

Market Fact

  • In Copenhagen, air pollution primarily originating from local sources like household stoves and traffic leads to 28 premature deaths and 33,000 sick days annually. It also results in hospital admissions for both children and adults.

  • Location : Copenhagen, Denmark  
  • Copenhagen Municipality has conducted trials with a novel sensor technology that allows for entirely local air quality measurements. Notably, this new technology is significantly more cost-effective than the previously employed methods. The objective of expanding local measurements is to gain a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the city's air quality, providing a reflection of the actual conditions on the ground.  
  • The new sensors are a tool in an EU project, for which CM has just received funds. It will be possible to examine the correlation between the optimization of traffic lights with real air pollution levels at a level of 450,000 DKK, as the cost of renting these sensors is minimal.​​​​​​​
  • https://cphsolutionslab.dk/en/projekter/themes/climate-monitoring/luftforurening-kan-nu-males-lokalt
  • https://international.kk.dk/ 8th of November