This piece is to  inform you about our CircularPSP project on Public Service Platforms for Circular, Innovative and Resilient Municipalities (PIN on TED). 


In this project we are going to procure R&D services for platform enabling and empowering cities and the local economy to transition to circularity. The platform is to make circular economy information available in local language and energise municipal staff to act on circular strategies. Data from the city and from across Europe will be prepared by AI using taxonomies. Further detail in the pitch deck (PDF) and updates via NewslettertwitterLinkedIn or Mastadon


Opportunities and invitation to: 

Provide your insight on the challenges of Circular Economy in our Survey (~15 minutes) 

Become a Preferred Partner* to receive information, access to circularity and ICT suppliers, access to the test version and coverage of cost (pending on availability) to visit open pilot days at the end of the project. 

Participate in one of nine  Open Market Consultations May to June (1-2h information - online or hybrid)  


To become a Preferred Partner, send us a city logo and a short answer to the following questions: "What is the core challenge for your city to act and become fully circular?"  


Your answer to the Survey and becoming a Preferred Partner helps us to attract the best possible suppliers and motivate them to develop a good solution. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!