The European Environment Agency has published the first progress report on the 8th Environment Action Programme (8EAP). This report assesses the progress toward the EU’s 2030 climate and environmental objectives.

  • Location: Europe

Negotiations and Systemic Changes: Urgent need for concluding Green Deal proposal negotiations and effecting systemic changes in key sectors like agriculture, food, and mobility.
Progress Made: Achievements in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, and advancing greening finances and the economy.
Implementation Importance: The critical role of effectively implementing Green Deal legislation.

Challenges and Recommendations:
Taxation and Subsidies: Recommends shifting the tax burden to high resource users and polluters and phasing out environmentally harmful subsidies.
Sustainable Production and Consumption: Emphasizes the need for sustainable practices in production and consumption to reduce resource and energy usage.
Environmental Pressure: Highlights ongoing issues with pollution and resource use impacting ecosystems, biodiversity, land, and water.

The report, based on the 8EAP monitoring framework, provides a detailed assessment of the EU's progress towards climate neutrality, resilience, and global sustainability. It underscores the necessity for intensified efforts and strategic actions to meet the ambitious 2030 environmental targets set by the EU.