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We help you tackle urban challenges in our unique BABLE Ecosystem.

Have a look into our neutral SOLUTIONS curated to fit your needs, such as decreasing CO2-emissions and operational costs or increasing liveability. Show your colleagues and decision makers, successful implementations of these solutions in our  USE CASE section.
In this process, you will also learn about the Smart City PRODUCTS and SERVICES used in already implemented solutions.

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Whenever you decide to become active and share your thoughts, plans, lessons learned and success stories with the Smart City community, we provide you with the right channel to reach your audience.

Needless to say that you have full control over all your data at any time.

Promote your local COMPANIES and start-ups on the global stage by linking them to jointly implemented USE CASES.
Attract investments into your city and living labs by posting offers in the SPOT section. You can even ask questions to the expert COMMUNITY and find other CITIES to create joint initiatives and even joint procurements.


Knowing your challenges and local circumstances better than any service provider does, you can direct your search for solutions yourself on BABLE.

The unique structure of our USE CASES give insights in benefits, practical lessons learned and advice for replication. 
Our neutral Smart City SOLUTIONS provide expert curated business models, legal information and functions to inform your decisions.

Save all interesting information in your personal  WATCHLIST and show it to your colleagues and decision makers.


The developed unique structure of SOLUTIONS  empowers cities to make informed decisions and adopt it to fit the local needs.
Choose the PRODUCTS offering the functionalities you need.

Have a look into our SPOT section to learn about current ideas, plans and calls for actions published by our community.

Scan the Smart City TENDERS to see what other public authorities are about to implement.

The BABLE Platform is designed for you to be able to perform all necessary steps
towards implementation of Smart City Solutions by yourself.
If you want us to support you in any of those steps, have a look at

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