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Challenge / Goal

The present lack of sidewalks in Druzhba creates a high risk of road accidents involving pedestrians. It also creates intense traffic of taxis and personal cars coming from the peripheral district towards the city centre leading to congestions, air pollution and noise. Within this measure the Municipality of Ruse together with CSDCS Club has designed safe sidewalks in the Druzhba district leading to the city centre and promote these towards the citizens.


The Municipality of Ruse and the non-governmental organization (NGO) CSDCS (Club “Sustainable Development of Civil Society”), carry out research of good practice and innovative solutions on designs of safe pavements (which are to be shared with cyclists) in Druzhba connecting it to the city centre. Following their construction (and securing them with appropriate facilities) they are also promoted to the public.Pavements are constructed along parts of the main roads only, as this is a pilot case.

Information about the measure and its promotion to various stakeholders and the general public is undertaken via the "Information, Training and Awareness Raising" measure Ruse is implementing in parallel to this one. More specifically, this was done via three training seminars organised by CSDCS - for professionals working in transport, for Druzhba residents, and locally-based NGOs.

Design of the safe pavements and cycling paths was contracted out by Ruse during 2018. Construction of the pavements followed the design phase.

Citizen participation

Ruse has collected feedback from people living in Druzhba during meetings and through the Mayor’s social media channels. The information received was taken into consideration when choosing the sections of the main roads where the new pavements and cycling lanes would be built - close to focal points of pedestrian and cyclist traffic.


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Time period

Planning time: < 0.5 years

Implementation time: < 0.5 years


The Municipality of Ruse CSDCS (Club “Sustainable Development of Civil Society”)

Service providers

Die Gemeinde Ruse

End users


    Main benefits

  • Increasing safety

  • Promoting sustainable behavior

  • Reducing local air pollution

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