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Challenge / Goal

Currently, some open data platforms exist in Madrid with segregated information by mode or organization. There is no multimodal open data platform available with the characteristics of the proposed solution.

The short-term objective of the Use Case is to create an open platform to facilitate cooperation between different actors involved in mobility issues, establishing the basis for future development of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concepts for citizens. In the long term, it is intended to encourage the development of high-quality MaaS, increasing the model split of public transport and reducing car use. The project also wishes to increase the quantity and quality of information given to users in order to improve the users’ experience of MaaS.


This measure is developing an integrated Open Data mobility platform, gathering and providing information from all transport modes, prioritizing the more sustainable ones. The information, analysed with a business intelligence approach, includes multimodal travel options and a consolidated database of public transport services in real time.

An open data portal is put in service, hosting multimodal information from a wide array of sources beyond public transport: public bicycles, parking, car sharing, traffic congestion, pollution levels, alternative modes, traffic conditions, etc. This information is provided by all interested public and private actors. The platform, with information of the whole region, will increase the attractiveness of PT services. The platform also enables the designing of mobility services for different kinds of users and of new business models.


Providing multimodal information

Designing mobility services

Prioritising the more sustainable travel option

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Time Period

Planing Time:

Implementation Time: 0.5 - 1 years

CRTM, Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid, Ingeniería y Consultoría para el Control Automático S.L.

Service Providers

CRTM (Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid)

End User

Citizens, entrepreneurs

    Main Benefits

  • Improved data accessibility,

  • Enabling new business opportunities,

  • Improving social integration,

  • Improving Life Quality,

  • Facilitating Citizen Engagement,