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Challenge / Goal

Night-time deliveries with electric vehicles (EVs) offer the opportunity to reduce traffic congestion in the daytime without causing a nuisance to citizens during night hours. The city of Stockholm is now conducting a pilot project on night time deliveries in partnership with freight owners, educational institutions, and haulage companies.The city of Stockholm’s regulations currently ban heavy lorries between 22.00 and 6.00 due to noise, a regulation which could be adapted as a result of this measure.

Following a previous pilot project on night time deliveries, the city of Stockholm wants to expand the project with one plug-in electric truck. This measure aims to investigate the effects of goods delivery during night versus daytime and the implications and regulatory requirements of lifting the ban on night deliveries. Depending on the outcome, the measure could be upscaled to a city-wide night delivery scheme that includes delivery with silent heavy lorries. In the long term, this could reduce congestion and noise and improve transport efficiency.


To implement the new silent night-time delivery scheme, including the electric plug-in van, a dialogue procurement procedure was set up and the winning consortium consists of Scania, Havi logistics and McDonald’s.

The consortium is testing a silent electric plug-in hybrid vehicle for night deliveries to McDonald’s restaurants in central Stockholm. Experiences from the previous off-peak pilot show that, in addition to silent vehicles, it is
necessary to reduce noise while unloading the goods. Thus also measures like silent wheels on carriers etc. must be implemented.

Operation of the new night delivery scheme has started and data collection on performance indicators such as delivery efficiency and noise are being performed during one year of service. Special emphasis is given to noise issues since fear of noise ruining residents night sleep is one of the main reasons for the general ban on night deliveries in Stockholm.

The data collected during this new trial of night delivery with clean and silent vehicles are used to support the preparation of a new regulatory framework for night transportation.

The two vehicles being used in the trial are a hybrid truck running on electricity and diesel and a truck using biogas fuel. In order to collect good data from the pilot project, the city expanded the project with one lorry running on an electrical drivetrain.

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Time Period

Planing Time:

Implementation Time: 1 - 2 years

City of Stockholm, Royal Institute of Technology, freight owners, educational institutions and haulage companies.

Service Providers

End User

Scania, Havi logistics and McDonald’s


    Main Benefits

  • Improving traffic management,

  • Improving personnel efficiency,

  • Promoting sustainable private transport models,

  • Reducing local air pollution,

  • Improving Life Quality,