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Challenge / Goal

More and more cities have started adopting energy efficient LED street lighting, which offers substantial (up to 50%) savings on energy consumption. Milan is exploring how a range of sensors and services can be added to lamp posts to transform them into a smart infrastructure for the city, demonstrating how smart technology can add value to people’s lives.The goal was to improve the efficiency of energy use in public lighting. 



Milan has already replaced all street lights with LED technology, saving 50% of energy consumption and reducing CO2 emission.

Smart lampposts became the enabling infrastructure for several new services: Wi-Fi antennas, environmental monitoring (such as air quality, temperature, humidity, rain and water level, atmospheric pressure, noise), transport monitoring (such as monitor traffic flows and speeds of vehicles and flows of pedestrian, discourage double parked cars system). The telecommunication infrastructure will use LoRaWAN protocol that enables long-range wireless coverage for the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm. 

By installing data concentrators for collecting data from field sensors and interfacing the same concentrators to the network server, cities have a network for new services.


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Time period

Planning time: 0.5 - 1 years

Implementation time: 2 - 5 years


a2a smart city, Unareti, Comune di Milano

Service providers

a2a smart city, Unareti, Comune di Milano

End users

Bürger und Gemeinden

    Main benefits

  • Increasing safety

  • Improving life quality

  • Enhanced data collection

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