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Challenge / Goal

A large share of the people living in the Druzhba district uses private cars and taxi services to reach the city centre, thus causing congestion, traffic accidents, air pollution and noise. There are few sidewalks and safe cross walks at the main boulevard to the city centre. Pedestrians, school children and senior citizens suffer form the growing road traffic and are very vulnerable to road accidents. 

The main objective of this measure is to create a basic awareness of the need and benefits of sustainable mobility in the city of Ruse and its importance for increasing the quality of life. The aim is to encourage the various actors, stakeholders and users of public transport and mobility offers/services, to embrace sustainable mobility habits, making walking and cycling safer and a more desirable way of traveling in the peripheral district and in the city. A special focus on traffic safety will be made, with the aim of sensitizing the general public, in order to reduce the risk of road accidents. In the long term, this measure aims to change the travel mode of people, from using cars to using more active modes of mobility, such as walking and cycling.


The research and planning phase of this measure was carried out with the followings:

  • Preparation of a comprehensive stakeholder list comprising of all the relevant stakeholders shaping the public opinion in the target region and the whole territory of the city.
  • Assessment of the training needs of Ruse's transport professionals via telephone interviews and the review of activities and documents of previous relevant projects.
  • A well-attended opening event in February 2017, with a press conference ensuring broad media coverage.
  • Contracted an expert organization to carry out the training sessions planned.

In this measure, one training activity will be organized for public transport personnel. six workshops for the general public and non-governmental organizations (NGO), three mobility conferences and a large campaign for other stakeholders and the school community. Until the end of 2018 five training events have been performed- one for transport professionals and four dedicated to different target groups: Druzhba residents, school children, NGOs, university staff and doctoral students, as well as one Conference in October for discussing the social aspects of mobility.

The new mobility measures being implemented in Ruse as part of the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project will be largely discussed and promoted as part of this measure in order to change the manner of thinking of transport specialists, regarding sustainability, and the city's residents.After each event (training events, round table discussions and conferences) CSDCS is performing evaluations by disseminating questionnaires to participants and assessing the results.

    Furthermore, the findings from the preparatory phase inspired the measure team to develop the concept of Mobility as a Right (MaaR). MaaR defines mobility in a context where accessibility, inclusion and equity are taken into account form the beginning of the design of any mobility solution. MaaR is designed to reach the most disadvantaged group, regarding mobility, and peripheral urban areas, to find out the key ways to achieve an inclusive public transport service that can effectively meet the needs required.




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    Time Period

    Planing Time: < 0.5 years

    Implementation Time: 2 - 5 years

    The Municipality of Ruse, Club "Sustainable Development of Civil Society"

    Service Providers

    Club "Sustainable Development of Civil Society"

    End User


      Main Benefits

    • Increasing Safety,

    • Promoting sustainable private transport models,

    • Promoting active living,

    • Promoting sustainable behavior,

    • Facilitating Citizen Engagement,