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Challenge / Goal

During a joint workshop, reasonable and modern funcionalities for the Museum were developed. As it turned out light could be used to enhance the exhibition with innovatie technologie to provide further information about the objects displayed in the exhibition.


Analyzing/Defining the optimal position for the technology in the building, Creating an URL togehter with the Museum, Creating content for the App.

The basic priciple is to use the light that illuminates an object in the Museum to transmit further information about the object. Objects in the Museum are illuminated by a special LED light, so called "intelligent light". Embedded in the beam of light is additonal information on the object that it illuminates. FlowSign will digitally transmit the information about the object and visitors can retrieve the information on their smartphone using an app that is available for Android and iOS. To do so visitors point the camera of their smartphone on the illuminated object and the embedded code will be scanned by the app. The information is then displayed on their smartphone.

Citizen participation

Offical City Guides of the City of Hamburg and visitor to the Museum were involved in the project.


Visitors of the Museum were involved through questionnaires and interviews that took place at the Museum


Provide Information light without distracting users´s attention from the object

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Time period

Planning time: 0.5 - 1 years

Implementation time: < 0.5 years


Use cases were developed in Co-Creation Workshops with representatives of the Museum and Fujitsu

Service providers

During PoC Phase joint operation with Customer and Fujitsu. After PoC the System will be operated by Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH.

End users

The System is being used by the City of Hamburg, by tourists visiting the Museum and employees of the Museum

    Main benefits

  • Improved data accessibility

  • Enhancing tourism experience

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