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Challenge / Goal

In Munich, some passengers of public transport have difficulties with orientation inside public transport stations. This is a particular challenge for the visually impaired, and as a result, this group often avoids public means of transport. Seamless door-to-door mobility for all citizens and a truly inclusive mobility system are therefore the key goals of this measure.

An indoor routing system based on ‘i-beacons’ (explained below) is thus being implemented inside a pilot public transport transit point. It will provide indoor routing information to facilitate transit between different means of transport. In the long term, the measure’s objective is to develop an app that provides a routing function for the visually impaired to use when using various forms of public transport, making individual trip planning with multiple means of transport possible.


For this measure, a routing application for the visually impaired is being implemented based on existing services of the local public transport corporation (MVG). This is supported by installing beacons inside public transport stations. The beacons send bluetooth signals to users that have installed the corresponding app on their mobile devices. They can locate users as they approach, and upon receiving the bluetooth signal the app directs users with verbal instructions, such as the location of stores and ticket machines, or how many steps are in a staircase, tailored to the destination they wish to travel to. During the development phase, the beacons is temporarily installed in a public transport station in Munich so that the application can be tested in cooperation with the local association of the visually impaired. As a result of this measure, further opportunities of using beacons for indoor routing in all public transport stations will be explored.


Provide indoor routing information

Enabling car independent lifestyles

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Time Period

Planing Time: 0.5 - 1 years

Implementation Time: 1 - 2 years

Public Transport Munich (MVG - Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft) – Delivers the algorithm for the beacon technology Osram Licht AG – Manufacturer of the power supply connected beacon. Technical authority for the public transport stations in Munich (Technische Aufsichtsbehörde, in German). Association for blind and visually impaired people in Munich (BBSB)

Service Providers

End User

Citizens (target group- visually impaired people,etc.)

    Main Benefits

  • Improving public transport accessibility,

  • Increasing Safety,

  • Improving Life Quality,

  • Improved data accessibility,