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Challenge / Goal

High population density areas generate large amounts of waste, that is more often than not, improperly disposed of. Many find it too time consuming to learn the proper disposal methods for all products, others simply use the nearest bin they find. With Smart Waste Bot, nmodes provides a fun and easy way for citizens to correctly dispose of their waste, with all the necessary information provided to them instantly. 

To fight these problems and increase the recycling waste accuracy, Bayview Area in the North York municipality implemented the Smart Waste Bot. 


Smart Waste Bot uses computer vision to analyse and separate waste into recyclables, organics, and disposables. It uses conversational AI to communicate with end-users in natural language, directing the users with where to put their garbage.
Moreover, Smart Waste Bot uses conversational AI to provide additional end-user services as per business requirements, such as: directions to the nearest waste bins, restaurants in the area, hours of operations of different businesses, event schedules and information, arena maps, and so on.
Smart Waste Bot also educates end-users on proper waste disposal, and sustainable living in a fun and interactive way, using intelligent AI.

Smart Waste Bot is available as:

  1. As a SaaS app available on mobile devices, on any interface, such as websites, social media, messengers, and more
  2. As a physical device installed either on garbage bins, and/or in designated areas in cities, arenas, or any high-population density areas.

Citizen participation

By speaking with Smart Waste Bot, citizens help train conversation topics, and further improve the AI that is behind the Smart Waste Bot. In this way the bot and the citizens rely on and mutually benefit each other with use.


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Time period

Planning time: Less than 6 months

Implementation time: Less than 6 months



Service providers


End users

All Citizens

    Main benefits

  • Recycling waste

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