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Integrated information and booking platform for mixed-mode transportation, e.g. car and bike sharing, public transport, and parking spaces.

Intermodal Transportation


Intermodal mobility: when every mode is the right one

With the intermodal transportation platform, commuters can conveniently choose from among different means of transport for the route they want to take. Live data supplies the basis for an informed decision about costs, availability, and realistic travel time. Tickets cover the complete route and all modes of transport, such as local public transit, car- and bike-sharing, and even taxis.


  • Improved control over traffic flow
  • More efficient travel times for commuters
  • Higher utilization rate of existing infrastructure
  • Deferred need to invest in additional infrastructure improves financial situation
  • Reduced CO₂ emissions per km/person



The 5 building blocks of intermodal transportation

All our efforts in intermodal transportation center on meeting our users’ mobility needs in the best possible way. To do this, five building blocks are key:

  1. A large number of mobility services – such as car sharing, public transit services, or bike sharing – can be combined to satisfy these mobility needs.
  2. To minimize motorized transportation, it must be possible to plan routes across several modes of transportation.
  3. If use of an application is to be truly convenient, it must include a simple way to pay for any and all modes of transportation used.
  4. Live data on current travel times improves the confidence in and reliability of intermodal transportation.
  5.  App-specific mobility assistants as well as hotlines provide convenient support for people on the go.



The Internet of Things: driving modern mobility

Bosch IoT Suite and Bosch IoT Cloud provide the basis for intermodal transportation platforms

As the connectivity of things and services increases, the demand for new and integrated mobility offerings is growing. This connectivity simultaneously drives the rapid development of these offerings, which in turn gives rise to numerous new market players and business models. Investment in the mobility of the future requires future-proof technology.

Our intermodal mobility platform is developed on the Bosch IoT Suite and operated in the Bosch IoT Cloud. The Bosch IoT Suite is used by customers and the Bosch Group in many industry solutions; we are also continuously refining it. The Bosch IoT Cloud is hosted in Germany and therefore complies with the country’s strict data-protection standards.